6 college outfit ideas for you to rock and stand out this year!

Starting university is a huge change in our lives, in our routines, in our habits… and in our outfits! Even if this is not your first year of college but you still want to refresh your mind and get new college outfit ideas and styles to consider, then you will still benefit from our article!!

The “I don’t have any clothes” dilemma is real. And it happens to us all, or almost… Girls are always looking for new outfits to look good, especially in college, where you can have many opportunities, and appearance matters a lot. The choice of outfits is a very particular one because each person has their own style. But there are some key pieces of clothing that could fit in any wardrobe and that you should consider adding to your closet.

We have gathered 6 fresh outfit ideas and inspirations for you to wear in college, whether you’re just starting or are no longer a freshman. Check them out!

Go with the comfy one

college outfit ideas

In our crazy college routines, all we need (and want) is to be comfortable and cozy, and that includes our outfits too!

As we also want to look cute, get that comfy pair of jogging pants, skirt, or shorts and a cute top, or feminine crop top. Pair it all with nice fashionable sneakers and that’s the combo you need.

It doesn’t get any cosier than that. Check out this website for comfy and cute outfits, you can choose the currency and language at the top left corner. 

And as we don’t want you to lose your stylish vibe, this is also a very cool outfit option for days where you only care about getting there, getting that education and knowledge and nothing else!

Jeans and a tee

jeans and a tee

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a tee (and that is a fact)! Only problem is that you should definitely add a feminine touch to it by wearing beautiful make-up and going for soft and lighter colours like light pink rather than black.

comfy outfit

Running late to class and didn’t have time to plan your outfit? Put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and you are ready to go!

But this is also not an encouragement from us to let yourself go and ignore self-care, Beauty and your femininity journey. This is only for the extreme times of desperation like a finals week or something similar.

Don’t feel so bad about embracing this look though, it’s not like you want to show up to college ready for a red carpet event or trying to impress someone.

We don’t often recommend buying or wearing jeans for women, on our website as we like to keep all the ladies here levelled-up, classy and feminine. However, we understand that college and succeeding in getting your degree is a different ballgame.

cosy outfit

Remember that the ideal place to find Mr. right is not college anyway and that’s simply because a guy in college is not likely to be financially independent nor ready on many levels, to commit and build a significant relationship. It’s not impossible to start something in college that becomes serious or even lead to marriage but it’s extremely rare and not recommended by us, so don’t get your hopes up.

If you want to build something serious and significant with a relevant and compatible match instead, then chances are you two are not gonna meet in college and we’d rather direct you to our membership plan to learn more about how to secure something like this.

And if you want to look even cooler, add a denim jacket, a light coat or some pretty accessories like a watch or earrings. Again, don’t forget to wear a nice face of makeup at leats !!

Sporty outfits with some colors to go, please!

Getting around campus all day seems like a lot, right?! So why not wear some sporty outfits to make your workout routine (going from class to class) more real?

sporty outfit

Just kidding… but, really, sporty outfits are great choices, and they can also look stylish if you know how to combine them. To help with that, we suggest that you add some colors, and of course, nice shoes!

I’m pretty sure you already have some sporty items lost in your wardrobe. You can play with the options and see what best fits your style! Don’t forget that we will suggest that you get rid of all your leggings, trainers, and comfy type of loose clothing after college if you want to flourish into a more seductive and feminine version of yourself!!

At that point, with your degree in hand, it will be time to opt for heels, slim-fit clothes and a more presentable and feminine version of yourself that will have higher chances to succeed in her professional and love life. It will also help you feel confident, content and in touch with her feminine energy which will reflect on your personality and looks. So it’s an important shift to make.

Go back to the basics (and add a plus)

It’s like we are always saying: classics never die. And neither do the basics!

I’m sure you have some key pieces of clothing in your closet that can go with anything. And in those days when you are late for class or do not want to bother spending time choosing an outfit, you can always go back to the basics and be happy! 

And only so you don’t think: “oh, but the basics are too basic”, let u remind you that you can always add a plus.

outfit basics

You can make your basic outfits stand out from the crowd by adding unique accessories, like necklaces, earrings, different belts and bags, makeup, and of course, gorgeous shoes or heels if you’re feeling it!

 You can also play with the accessories, choosing some pieces from different periods of time and create a good vibe for all of them. 

Dresses, dresses, and more dresses…

What girl doesn’t love dresses? I can’t think of one! Which is good news for you in your search for new outfit ideas for university. Dresses are very flexible choices, and you can choose so many in very different styles and colours. The secret is to be open to creativity and let yourself be free to wear pretty and comfortable dresses that match your style.

comfortable dresses

For example, you can wear a t-shirt dress with nice sneakers, or some fashionable shoes that will make you feel gorgeous and comfortable at the same time.

Or choose maxi dresses that will also make you look amazing, and yet, comfy. 

And remember: you can always find dresses in the trendy section too (if that’s what you’re looking for).

The vintage vibe

vintage outfit

If you haven’t heard that the ’90s are back (in fashion), you are not really consuming the fashion news! The vintage vibe is here, and it is a great choice! For this suggestion, you can adopt the whole vintage style or simply choose a few pieces of clothing and accessories to help you compose your outfit.

vintage style

You can create the unique vibe you want by using elements from all kinds of periods.

This will for sure make you stand out and look like you have a unique style. Definitely a good choice! Check out this website for beautiful vintage clothing that will leave you hooked.

Ready to rock? With these outfit ideas for university, you are on the go to look pretty while you’re comfy and studying. If you’re looking for more feminine and classier choices of outfits then check out our article : “4 stunning date outfit ideas” OR “5 Most Feminine Outfit Types“.

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